I need information- this is NOT DIRTY

I read stuff by Zora Neale Hurston occasionally and noticed an odd phrase in several of her works. Now before I tell you what it is I have to explain that it isn’t supposed to be dirty from the context I find it in, it just sounds really unusual. The only thing I can imagine it to be is some type of candy. The words she uses are ‘sugar tits’. It is in a sentence about buying sweets in the story “The Guilded Six Bits” and also what Janie says she still likes eating in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. I tried not to write it out more than once so it won’t appear in searches for adult material. Now I really need to know- WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I do internet searches in the hopes of finding some answers but you can guess what comes up when I enter those words. I can find no other reference besides Zora. It has to be a candy right? Or some kind of chocolate? So anyone with a clean answer to this is welcome to post. I will remain in tentative frustration/ confusion until I get an answer on this. And frankly I’ll be surprised if I do get an answer.

lyrics/ headache

I’ll be your crying soldier. I’ll be love’s super size. I’ll be fatter when I’m older. I’ll be the greatest math of your life.

Just kidding. The above should be submitted to get the wax out of your ears. ANYway, the doctor told me I am suffering from post concussion headache and to give it 4-6 more weeks to dissipate. So at least something is actually wrong with me this time. As opposed to feeling lousy and being told there is nothing to cure you are fine. I will take some advil and it should be okay for the time being.
I had a long funny conversation with my roommate back in my college days (whole 2 years ago) about the lyrics to a song. The line goes “Ladies leave your man at home. The club is full of-” and we didn’t know the rest because the singer mumbles it. Our guesses were all over the map. I can’t remember exactly what we said. Here are a few that we might have guessed:
mallers and they gotta go to Rome
callers and the stock is all chrome
daughters in the ice cream stone
Paulers in the kitchen of the home
fallers and they get all stoned
dollars in a chicken free bone

So you get the idea. It’s eleven thirty and the club is jumpin jumpin but we didn’t know if it was a Roman club, chicken club or ice cream club. Eventually a friend told us the club was full of bawlers and their pockets are full grown. Mystery solved. In fact I don’t even think it is bawlers from these web lyrics I’m finding. Oh well. It provided us with a good laugh while we were guessing anyway.

I love you

Okay so I’ve said this so many times and it usually causes trouble when I write it to anyone outside of my family. But here it is for once and all addressed to everyone who could possibly read this. Yes! It is to you, you, you in the back, you on the school computer, you on someone else’s computer, and you just reading over your friend’s shoulder. HA! Now I should never have to worry about it anymore since it is written here for all to see. And just go ahead and freak out, rip it up, tell all your friends how wierd I am, and write nasty things about me in the yearbook. I don’t care because this is the most ultimate and far reaching ‘I love you’ I’ve ever done and I really mean it from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart.
Oh yeah and if any of that stuff ever happened to people I used to know I was just trying to be a friend. Be like the way God teaches us to love each other and trying to be supportive. Maybe I really thought you could handle that, but then again what do I know?

I love you.


I keep meaning to write all this stuff I’m thinking of but I have been having headaches nearly every night and don’t know what’s causing them. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I fainted at work after accidentally stabbing myself in the finger and starting to bleed. It’s not the first time I’ve fainted like that but the headache stuff is new. It may be related or just coincidence. Anyway I’ll find out tomorrow

persecusion dreams

I have dreams sometimes about being persecuted as in people are chasing me trying to kill me because of the group I belong to. Sometimes I know what group it is, this is usually jewish and during World War II, and other times the dream is vague and I have no idea why the people want to kill me.
Last night I had one about running from the rulers (or they may have been invaders) of a particular town. Some of the members of the town liked me. It was where I grew up and the “bad guys” were gathering all the unwanted people into the local school to then have them sent off to camps or prison. I was trying to hide from them in the school and ran into the kidergarten room. My old kindergarten teacher saw me. She was with two boys who she tried to distract from looking my way. One of them also saw me but said nothing. They went into a secret door and were gone. A man leading the search for my people/group came in and passed where I was hiding under some clothes. My friend came in and accidentally knocked the clothes over. I said- hurry up and help me fix this before he finds me. My friend couldn’t get it to look like it did before so he said- Lets put a picture of Buddha on top. He will be looking at it and not at you. (Ok personally I think that is a terrible idea and I don’t know why it should have worked. But we are talking about a dream here so of course it worked.) The man walked back by and didn’t notice me. Then everyone began to leave the school. It was a war and since a school is not as safe as standing around outside everyone went outside. I knew if I left the school they would find me so I decided to take my chances in the school. The teacher told me to hide in the cubbies and I did. While I was looking for leftover food two soldiers came in. One was obviously about to lose his cool and go crazy. The other one kept trying to calm him down and get him back outside. I was so scared they would find me. At one point I had dropped something and they said- what’s that noise? but they decided not to investigate. Finally they left and the dream ended.
In my other dreams I am normaly not caught, but if I am about to be caught I will wake up because I am too afraid to find out what happens next. In the dream I’m really scared but I think I also ultimately know it is a dream and can end it before facing any violence.
I also want to add here that the reference to Buddha makes this dream unlike any of my previous dreams about anything. It probably is just random and doesn’t mean anything, but it sure is wierd. I certainly can’t give it any meaning beyond the general theme of persecution being tied to religion.


These phrases look like they are made up of certain words but really they are made of other completely different words. The key here is sounds. They sound like another phrase when read together quickly. Have a friend read the words or listen while you read the words and see if you can get the phrases.
e.g. (an example for free) Aisle of ewe <–read that quickly to get – I love you

Try these

Data day his shoes (works best if you pronounce data as in the Star Trek character)

Ape rack tickle so loot shun

Gopher a see nick drive

Full hours earn ice

Why dough chew half us and which

radio WRSN

Here I am. Rock me like a hurricane. I guess you’re just what I needed. Was it you that said- how long? Take me on. I’ll be gone.
Welcome back to WRSN- the raisin. You’re listening to Stapler Hits with yours truly, the Lady of Spain. We are talking live with the man who invented the pause button.
Lady: Please tell us your name
Nic: I am Nick L. Platid and I invented the pause button.
L: Now was that very hard? I mean where exactly did the idea come from?
N: Well Lady, I was puttering around my kitchen trying to make peanut butter evaporate when I realized that putting eggs in the microwave would be much more exciting that say, a gumball. So as the egg was cooking I turned my back and heard this tremendous explosion.
L: And it was the egg.
N: No it was my neighbor blowing up my mailbox again.
L: Oh
N: But when I did turn around the egg was all over the inside of the microwave. I put another egg in there to see what had happened but once again a big explosion made me turn around.
L: Your neighbor again?
N: Yes. You see since he blew up my mailbox last week I had a second one installed. And a third one. And a fourth. Every time I tried to cook an egg he’d blow one up. You’d think he would have left me alone after I walled up his bathroom in brick, but NOOOO. It’s alright though because next week I’m going to paint his house so it looks like a jet and then-
L: Could we just get back to your invention?
N: Oh right. My invention. Well since I didn’t get to see what happened to the egg, I figured out that if I had a button to pause things I could see it as it happened. Unfortunately pausing life turned out to be harder than I anticipated so I began with books.
L: I see.
N: Whenever I got to a good part in a book I would crazy glue that place so I wouldn’t lose it.
L: Uh huh
N: But that made so much of a mess no one wanted to carry it in their store. Not to mention that incident with the forklift driver. Do you know how expensive a forklift is?
L: Well no.
N: And don’t even get me started on dry cleaning. I think they raise their prices just to annoy you. I have a plan to get them good though. See if we all just had plenty of red paint and a waffle iron-
L: Pardon me, Mr Platid but if we could get back to your pause button.
N: Yes of course. I had little sucess in book pausing so I moved on to sound pausing. I found that by covering my ears I can effectively pause all noise in the world.
L: I think I see where this is going.
N: Yes. Sadly my ear muffers did not sell as well as I had hoped. But finally I came up with a way to pause everything.
L: You’re kidding.
N: Nope
L: So how does this one work? Covering the nose and mouth? By going in a closet?
N: Don’t be ridiculous. It is a pause BUTTON. And I brought it with me.
L: You did?
N: Yup. I’ll show you how it works. You see you just press it-

Due to technical difficulties and the fact that everyone at WRSN is now paused, we will not be broadcasting our local turkey polo game. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Nice to be here

I am here, either alone or with myself. You may check out what I say if you are interested and if not you may go scuba dive, or whatever. I am going to say some things that make hardly any sense and some things that make no sense at all. Ready? Go!
So have you ever wanted a plush ebola toy? Well neither have I but apparently you can get one if you order certain products from ISC Bio Express lab products. They also offer black death, flesh eating, sleeping sickness, and common cold toys. The common cold is pretty darn cute, all shaped like a stubby flower with little eyes and a nose. I don’t like the rest of them much. Ebola looks like a worm and black death like a black cucumber. Ewwww! Okay back to washing lab glass.