Introduce yourself!

Me I’m Tracey. I run this blog. I can’t immediately think of a better way to do this so here’s what I’ll do. If I had a counter on this page it would say “You are the 17th special daisy to visit my site.” And add one every time someone looked at the page. Since I don’t know how to do that I’ll ask any viewers to say hi with a comment on this post. Now I know there may be no one else out there reading besides me, my husband, and that one guitar person. So, this may not work out. But lets try it anyway.

I hereby, furthermore, promptly and concisely invite everyone to come look at my thoughts on this blog, expecially scientists, muppetfans, language artists and Phil Vischer.

And the visitors come pouring in, NOW!

4 Replies to “Introduce yourself!”

  1. Dear TraceyIt’s me, Nong!I want to read what is in your blog but I can’t since I am using the computer at the lab. It’s Friday night 11.15 pm and I am still waiting for my cells..I am not sure I know how to send my comment to you but will try.Talk to you later in person…miss you…

  2. Hello Tracey. You don’t know me. But i love you. You see here’s what happened. I listened to Rock Opera probably 54 times. I listened, remembered,typed, refreshed and repeated. I got all the way to “Yup, I totally always look awesome singing backwards metal” and my computer went haywire and I lost it all. Fortunately, when I searched “Rock Opera lyrics-Strong Bad”, I clicked on your blog and there it all was. I was so happy. You made my night. Thank you Tracey Fountain. You are my hero.

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