lyrics/ headache

I’ll be your crying soldier. I’ll be love’s super size. I’ll be fatter when I’m older. I’ll be the greatest math of your life.

Just kidding. The above should be submitted to get the wax out of your ears. ANYway, the doctor told me I am suffering from post concussion headache and to give it 4-6 more weeks to dissipate. So at least something is actually wrong with me this time. As opposed to feeling lousy and being told there is nothing to cure you are fine. I will take some advil and it should be okay for the time being.
I had a long funny conversation with my roommate back in my college days (whole 2 years ago) about the lyrics to a song. The line goes “Ladies leave your man at home. The club is full of-” and we didn’t know the rest because the singer mumbles it. Our guesses were all over the map. I can’t remember exactly what we said. Here are a few that we might have guessed:
mallers and they gotta go to Rome
callers and the stock is all chrome
daughters in the ice cream stone
Paulers in the kitchen of the home
fallers and they get all stoned
dollars in a chicken free bone

So you get the idea. It’s eleven thirty and the club is jumpin jumpin but we didn’t know if it was a Roman club, chicken club or ice cream club. Eventually a friend told us the club was full of bawlers and their pockets are full grown. Mystery solved. In fact I don’t even think it is bawlers from these web lyrics I’m finding. Oh well. It provided us with a good laugh while we were guessing anyway.

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