I need information- this is NOT DIRTY

I read stuff by Zora Neale Hurston occasionally and noticed an odd phrase in several of her works. Now before I tell you what it is I have to explain that it isn’t supposed to be dirty from the context I find it in, it just sounds really unusual. The only thing I can imagine it to be is some type of candy. The words she uses are ‘sugar tits’. It is in a sentence about buying sweets in the story “The Guilded Six Bits” and also what Janie says she still likes eating in “Their Eyes Were Watching God”. I tried not to write it out more than once so it won’t appear in searches for adult material. Now I really need to know- WHAT DOES IT MEAN? I do internet searches in the hopes of finding some answers but you can guess what comes up when I enter those words. I can find no other reference besides Zora. It has to be a candy right? Or some kind of chocolate? So anyone with a clean answer to this is welcome to post. I will remain in tentative frustration/ confusion until I get an answer on this. And frankly I’ll be surprised if I do get an answer.

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