word derivatives

This is something I made up just last night. As you may have figured out already, I like wordplay. Some times when we speak we spell out words instead of saying them. My favorite example is spelling out a word so a little kid won’t know what it is. Usually though the little kid figures out that it is something desireable and asks for it anyway. My sister always used to ask for I-C-E (meaning ice cream) because the older kids asked for it. Antway, my point. If you spell I-C-E phonetically it looks like this: eye see ee. Then to spell that is E-Y-E S-E-E E-E. And you can also take that phonetically ee why ee es ee ee ee ee. Then continue spelling out E-E W-H-Y E-E E-S E-E E-E E-E E-E. And if you took calculus, calling these word derivatives makes a little sense. Dan says they are the love child of calculus and linguistics. That description is pretty acurate. Here are some more examples:

derive GO six times
gee oh
gee ee ee oh aich
gee ee ee ee ee ee ee oh aich ay eye see aich= gee 6ee oh aich ay eye see aich

since the letter E is spelled ee it will continue to perpetuate on and on so you may shorten it.

another one with CAR
see ay are
es ee ee ay why ay are ee
E-S 4E A-Y W-H-Y A-Y A-R-E E-E
ee es 4ee ay why double you aich why ay why ay are 3ee
E-E E-S 8E A-Y W-H-Y D-O-U-B-L-E Y-O-U A-I-C-H 2(W-H-Y A-Y) A-R-E 6E
ee ee ee es 8ee ay why double you aich why dee oh you be el ee why oh you ay eye see aich 2(double you aich why ay why) ay are 7ee

If you really want to follow all that you can see I shortened some other spots to by removing a factor.
Now if you want to go backwards following the calculus metaphor it would be called finding the integral.

Find the integral of- oh aich ay are ee. Three times.
O H A R E= O-H A-R-E
oh are

Find the integral of ee ee double you aich why ee ee. Until you can’t go any further.
ee why ee

You can of course take the deriviative as many times as you like wereas you can only integrate so far. And you have to make up a word and derive it first to integrate back, or else your result will make no sense. I warn you to use caution with my new word game though. My math teacher used to say, “Never drink and derive. And know your limits.” That’s a little math humor for you. I hope someone out there can appreciate it.

“Attention Antway shoppers, there is a green light sale on feeler warmers, aisle three.”

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