Rainbow and Nibuz conversation 2

Rainbow: Nibuz?

Nibuz: Hey, sorry I was working in the yard.

Rainbow: Is it nice where you are?

Nibuz: Very. Not for you?

Rainbow: Winter.

Nibuz: That’s right. I forget you have a seasonal world. So what’s up?

Rainbow: I’m trying to be friends with someone. An ex.

Nibuz: How did it end?

Rainbow: Badly.

Nibuz: Why do you want to be friends?

Rainbow: Because he’s alone. He really doesn’t have more then a couple friends. And he’s not ok. A lot.

Nibuz: Is he someone you’d want to be friends with if he had loads of support?

Rainbow: No because it’s too dangerous.

Nibuz: That’s still true.

Rainbow: I know. But. There isn’t anyone else.

Nibuz: That doesn’t mean it has to be you.

Rainbow: He has enough health problems that he occasionally needs an ER. I’m not ok letting him get into trouble and not offering help. Something in me needs to do this.

Nibuz: Why do you tell me this? How do you hope I’ll respond?

Rainbow: I’m not sure. Because it’s good to talk it out with someone. There might be another answer. Also. If it goes badly again it will be upsetting. Is that unkind of me? To use you for when my terrible plans go terribly?

Nibuz: No. Not unkind. At least not unkind to me. Although I sort of wish you’d be kinder to yourself in all this.

Rainbow: I cannot be myself if I don’t try to assist him when no one else will. I am being careful.

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