raisin news

Hello out there in radio land this is Taylor Made and THIS is a raisin news flash. It has been reported that a drain wreck is clogging up traffic at the intersection of Cartbee and Finkill road. The drain went offtrack around noon and people spilled out onto the road shortly thereafter. Minor injuries have been reported. No word yet on what caused the drain to crash…You know what surprises me is that no one has thought to call a plumber yet. A drain big enough to carry people seems like a big emergency. I would get the top six or seven plumbers on the job right away. If traffic is being held up they should at least- oh sorry this just in. A train wreck is clogging up traffic at the intersection of Cartbee and Finkill road. Geez. As if the drain leaking all over the street weren’t bad enough. Only minor injuries have been reported. That’s good to hear. In other news an 83 year old man is being fanned today for keeping more than 30 overdue library books in his home. Way to go old guy! Those library rates are outrageous nowadays. Way to stand up for- what? Oh it is free? Well that doesn’t make much sense. He certainly doesn’t need people to be his fans. Uhhh, local youth are working on a community garage. Their garage grows flowers and other plants for the benefit of the community- now hang on a second. I’m not stupid. I know what type of plants need to be grown indoors. I don’t think this is appropriate as a news item. Who wrote this anyway? Oh. OH. I have just been told that the community GARDEN grows only fresh vegetables and therefore is perfectly appropriate as a story. Umm and that’s all the news we have today. I’m Taylor Made and this has been a raisin news flush.

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