Rainbow and Nibuz conversing 1

Rainbow: Nibuz?

Nibuz: Yes? What is it?

Rainbow: Just thinking of thoughts. Are you very busy?

Nibuz: No not right now.

Rainbow: You remember the plague we have here.

Nibuz: Of course. Your world is still off limits for travel.

Rainbow: I know. I’m not asking you to make a trip. I’m trying to keep myself safe. I’m just having a difficult time knowing how. I have friends who worry. Relatives who take different levels of precaution. It’s a hard balance to strike.

Nibuz: That sounds stressful.

Rainbow: It is! I’m blamed for what I do and don’t do. I can’t please one friend without displeasing another it seems.

Nibuz: How so?

Rainbow: There’s a gathering I would attend. Someone close to me has a brother who is getting married. Another of our friends has told me flat out I’m being reckless.

Nibuz: Are you?

Rainbow: I don’t think so! But I’m so mad at him. It’s been ages since I’ve gone to a wedding. I love them. And it’s his brother. He won’t be able to go if I don’t take him. He has no car. Public transit presents a danger to him I can minimize. I’m so tired of being careful. But I still will anyway. I will wear a good mask, I will wash my hands. But the only way to make this one friend happy it seems is to miss the wedding. I wish I knew the answer. Can’t you help?

Nibuz: I’m not a seer. I have brain scans and space travel. I don’t have the cure to your plague. This has to play out how it will play out. Ideally everyone collectively protects each other and this is solved in a few weeks to months. But a planetwide effort like that is hard for any world. I’m sorry Rainbow.

Rainbow: I know. There’s so much fear everywhere. So much judgement. It weighs on me. I really do want everyone safe.

Nibuz: That you make clear.

Rainbow: I love you.

Nibuz: Yes. Ikkanstrill are often that way. I understand you.

Rainbow: Thanks.

Nibuz: Any time.

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