These phrases look like they are made up of certain words but really they are made of other completely different words. The key here is sounds. They sound like another phrase when read together quickly. Have a friend read the words or listen while you read the words and see if you can get the phrases.
e.g. (an example for free) Aisle of ewe <–read that quickly to get – I love you

Try these

Data day his shoes (works best if you pronounce data as in the Star Trek character)

Ape rack tickle so loot shun

Gopher a see nick drive

Full hours earn ice

Why dough chew half us and which

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  1. hi.i’m just a passerby, and i think your blog is pretty seem like a poetry writing, music composing kinda you play the guitar?i do.

  2. Thanks for checking my blog out. I don’t play guitar. I think that’s mainly because piano took up my formative years, and people have trouble teaching me left handed on righty guitars. I do like poetry though and have tried my hand at composing. Nothing serious enough to record but I know how to do it.

  3. Hey, I just read your comment on my site. God is always speaking to us, it’s just a matter of us really listening to him and for him. Just because you don’t hear him, doesn’t mean he’s not there, or that he doesn’t love you. I think my email stuff is available, if not, comment again if you need someone to talk to further and I’ll be happy to help.

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