To the boys

Dear Buddy,

You are nice to let me pet you. I gather that it’s not really your thing. (Maybe I’m not doing it right?) It’s good of you to let me anyway. I think it makes a better bond between us. Perhaps you understand that I like to have physical manifestations of emotion, and so you allow it. When I asked you to join me on the couch, you did. I hope this means we are friends. It’s hard to tell since I’ve never had a friend who rarely looks me in the eyes. (Though I did have a friend once who made nearly constant eye contact. He gave me a guitar. I think of him sometimes.) Anyways thank you. It’s nice being around you.

Dear Yoda,

It was nice to see you yesterday. Thank you for joining me on my lap. You are comfy and warm, and it makes me happy when you want to sit with me. Thanks for always being careful of my skin, and not hurting me with your claws. I love you.

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